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‘Planet lifestyle’: Travel with wellness styles by Fabrice Lefèvre institute

Welcome to our Planet Lifestyle concept where we create healthy lifestyles in the world thanks to the probodyone method by Fabrice Lefèvre Institute.

We have leadership in health, wellness and beauty tourism thanks to our synergistic treatment method developed by Fabrice Lefèvre. We associate health, wellness & beauty tourism with lifestyles of excellence.

Take advantage of and respect local wealth to enhance your health. Take off with your personalized program.

Enjoy local infrastructures that have the same philosophy of life as us.

At Planet Lifestyle by FLI we consider travel and tourism as a tool to enhance health, Wellness and Beauty.

What is the best time to change bad habits or take care of yourself? If we travel on vacation to a place where we can take advantage of implementing an appropriate and personalized program, we will change our bad habits for healthy and sustainable rituals and routines.

After many years as a consultant and expert in the development of companies dedicated to the world of health, wellness and beauty (hotels, Spa, Medi-spa…), Fabrice Lefèvre has created a concept of networking with international partners and also connecting professionals and places on the planet with new trends and lifestyles and ancient knowledge and medicines

Our goal is to consider travel as a wellness tool. We have all felt this fullness when preparing that vacation in places that we wanted to know so much…

So traveling is already winning for your health!!

Unfortunately, many times the places and infrastructures are not suitable or adapted for a health approach or our nutritional requirements for example (gluten-free, lactose-free diet, keto, intermittent fasting, etc.). For this reason we make an effort to investigate and collaborate with the best adapted places to offer you the possibility of enhancing your health during your vacation period.

We will also recommend businesses that will benefit you from local experiences during your stay. You will find people of great artistic, cultural, sports, gastronomic interest… always associating their lifestyle experiences with a healthy approach and a wellness and/or beauty program.

For example, you can take advantage of a specific program with treatment of local medicinal plants, excursions to atypical places, visits to incredible cities, relaxation on fabulous beaches, etc.

Planet Lifestyle  by FLI offers you several options to disconnect and enhance your health, well-being and Beauty: from a day in your own city (day out); three day city-break to discover a city and, for example, know where to go to eat healthy; a week in a hotel-spa to change bad habits; three weeks to strengthen new life rituals and longer stays, for example in an exclusive bed and breakfast, to truly be reborn and change your life.

If you are tired of classic trips, you want to give a new meaning to tourism and travel, take the opportunity to take care of yourself, get to know local populations and different rhythms of life, also participate in educational projects (for children, learning about healthy nutrition…) , have a personalized postural, physical and mental training plan, discover new ecosystems that will make you grow on a personal and professional level, have a detox, pro-aging, stop stress, rest,…

Planet Life style is your destination!

So, dear friends, you will have understood that Planet Lifestyle is more than a trip and we will make it more than a memory… a change, a life experience, to open up to new horizons and enjoy with family, friends or sun @, so that your long-awaited dreams come true.


Ethics is a key point for us when proposing experiences in Planet Lifestyle destinations. Three points are essential:

Offer quality lifestyle experiences respecting the environment, biodiversity and the native inhabitants.
Help discover the reality of places to take away unforgettable sensations and memories.
Recommend professionals for their excellence, creativity and innovation, without forgetting the taste for tradition.

Planet Lifestyle by FLI is more than an experience, it is another way of thinking about your lifestyle.


The health-wellness-aesthetic tourism that we develop falls within our Probodyone concept of body-mind-environment unity.

Just as we can treat the body with different types of therapy (osteopathy, massages…), the mind (mental coaching, mindfulness, breathing, meditation…), the effect of traveling and having a tourist destination with a defined program means converting tourism into a tool to enhance your health and well-being.

The relationship with the ecosystems in which we are evolving daily influences the health of human beings.

One of the ways to work on the environment is precisely to change the environment when it is harming you or does not allow you to achieve your balance. Changing ecosystems or going to an ecosystem favorable to your health is an effective way to achieve the objectives in a holistic conception of health.

Our philosophy is to take advantage of this vacation time with a well-defined program based on your objectives (stop stress, nutrition-health, detox, anti-aging, overweight, physical training…), to acquire habits, routines that, once we return to our daily lives, we can continue.

The simple effect of going on tourism is already good for your health, but beyond that you have to know where to go, to find the environment that is beneficial for your health in terms of local foods; environmental aspects such as temperature, sun, beach, relaxation… and the actors around the project who have the same perspective and philosophy of life.

Our mission

Just as the axis mundi expresses a point of connection between heaven and earth, since this symbol can operate in several places at the same time, we want the tourism destinations that we offer to be a center of connection between your body, your mind and the place where you are.

Our mission is to propose places and professionals that have our same ethics and philosophy, where you can find the perfect balance to be reborn.

Likewise, our goal is to transform your old daily routines into valuable rituals.

The concept

We associate health-aesthetic-wellness tourism with quality local lifestyles to enjoy the environment and ecosystems, protecting and enjoying them.

In cities and city-breaks we will take advantage of the fashion, fashion, culture boutiques; On beaches we can enjoy the energy of the sea to relax, reduce stress, take walks through mountains, rivers… In other places you can learn about and encounter different cultures, etc., without losing the health-aesthetics-wellness focus.

Tourist plans can range from three days as a city break to three weeks or more in exceptional places, to offer an exclusive experience and thus enhance the balance of body-mind-ecosystems.

In health tourism we will take advantage of the environment, as well as local products to, for example, adapt programs dedicated to overweight, obesity (Mediterranean diet, alkaline nutrition, Okinawa diet, gluten-free, milk-free…) The objective is to adapt to each person and make a plan on measures, take into account food intolerances…

Another aspect of great interest in health-wellness-aesthetic tourism is the focus on stress management, proposing exclusive experiences to free the mind from tension with the help of new ecosystems.

Our Network

We are a company dedicated to sustainable health, wellness and aesthetic tourism. We propose destinations that we know and places that we like to visit for their ecosystem, as well as local businesses, hotels, spas, restaurants and professionals that we like to recommend for proposing services appropriate to our lifestyle philosophy, mission, ethics and vision.

We strive to help people who want to complement their tourist trips with health, wellness and aesthetic programs that are cutting-edge, highly effective and synergistic between traditional natural therapies and current medicine.

If you are a hotel, a spa, a restaurant, a local business, a sports center, a health, wellness or aesthetics professional… you like our concept and want to be part of our international networking anywhere in the world .

Contact us to propose your project. We will be happy to study your proposal, advise you and even offer you a complete training plan to be part of the Planet Lifestyle by FLI family.


Have you ever thought about changing your life? Make your tourist destination become your home!

After having spent many years in the same country or never having gone to another country or another continent, a routine can set in that can lead to demotivation and, sometimes, disappointments in your personal and professional growth. Many people dream of moving to another country, living other experiences and rebuilding themselves with new expectations. The starting point of this change may originate from a tourist trip in which one falls in love with the place.

Arriving in a new country, with another culture, is something exciting, but it is better when you have someone who can help you settle in the place, taking you to meet the right professionals, where to buy healthy foods, showing you places of interest and introduce you to interesting people to socialize with, etc.

Our vocation is to help you as best as possible to make your integration more comfortable and thus improve your quality and lifestyle.

Changing cities or countries is changing your ecosystems, your environment… it is a way of being reborn on a physical, mental and social level, but also on an environmental level, with impacts that can be very beneficial for your health and your mind, as well as as an opening to new business opportunities.

True personal and professional growth!

We must open doors to create opportunities.

The limitation is only set by us.


We create tailored programs for your health, well-being or aesthetics. Our programs are designed to be individualized, responding to your needs and depending on the place where you will carry out your Health-Wellness-Aesthetic Tourism.

Request your analyzes and choose a health and/or aesthetic program that is right for you

Our programs are carried out in Planet Lifestyle by FLI partner centres, which meet our quality criteria, with adapted infrastructure and food prepared for certain intolerances (gluten free, vegan, milk-free, etc.).

To enhance your health and well-being, we work with proactive professionals who respect the planet and the environment. Depending on each destination, you will benefit from specific treatments with local medicinal plants, the structure’s own apparatus and professionals trained in the physical-mental-environment synergy of the Proboyone Method.

Apply for our programs

and we will take care of your well-being






We are based on the Probodyone Method of unity of the body-mind-environment, changing the environment for new ecosystems beneficial for your health.

Today we are subjected to different types of stress and pollution:

physical (muscle tension, contractures)
chemical (pesticides, pollution)
psychological (relationship between people, work, family)
food (loaded with fat or sugar)
illness and pain
stressful environment (noise, lack of light)
ergonomic (poor position and repetitive movement…)

Any one of them or the combination of several causes imbalances in our ability to self-regulate the body and mind, called homeostasis. The alteration of this balance disturbs our physiology, forcing us to compensate for an underconsumption of our vitamins, minerals, trace elements, causing dysfunctions and disturbing even our genetics. Indeed, DNA alteration is the result of a promotion of genes that lead to disease when DNA has been altered by oxidative stress. The excess release of free radicals produced by oxidation and the lack of vitamins or antioxidants, directly linked to our diet and our environment, lead to oxidative stress that attacks our DNA.

The effect of changing ecosystems, freeing us from that environmental, psychological, physical, nutritional stress… will allow us to be reborn, because our immune system does not recognize new proteins. If we are always in the same environment, subjected to the same diet, with the same noises, the same smells, our immune system creates intolerances or allergies. Sometimes this immune system defends us and sometimes attacks us, as happens in immunological diseases.

On the other hand, if we continue on this path of stressors, we will end up decompensating in diseases such as burnout, diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, hair loss, muscle pain, etc.

We can say that the majority of chronic diseases of the 21st century are linked to these physiological phenomena.

To break this vicious circle, we propose quality tourism focused on health, well-being and/or aesthetics, associated with lifestyle and activities for each person based on their tastes (culture, art, music, sports, excursions, fashion, gastronomy, etc.)

In our concept of rebirth, the first step is education: nutritional education, emotional education, sustainable health education, etc. This sustainable health education with coaching tools, in a situation of well-being thanks to a favorable place and sufficient time, will lead us to grow in our new destination.

All the destinations, infrastructures and networking professionals with whom we collaborate have the same philosophy and mission as us; They have been trained by us in those aspects of the search for physical-mental balance and in relation to the environment.

Program planning

1 day (day out)
3 days (city break)
7 days (one week for change)
2 weeks (two weeks for growing)
3 weeks (three weeks to optimize)


A day for your well-being, your health or your aesthetics.

You will be able to take advantage of a hotel-spa infrastructure associated with a workshop-conference on a health or well-being topic (for example, overweight, sleep problems…) and you will be able to link this activity with a cultural, artistic or sports activity.


Example of city break program:

Evaluation and analysis

Our programs are based on precise analysis and evaluations and are designed so that you can easily put them into practice in your tourism location.

The evaluations consist of:

Micro-nutritional analysis:
evaluation of deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, Omega3, etc.
evaluation of excesses and toxins that influence metabolism.
Macro-nutritional analysis:
balance carbohydrates, lipids and proteins.
Physical evaluation with specific software.
Assessment of stress status based on heart rate variability (cardiac coherence).


Health and Wellness Programs

We design a nutrition, training, detox, anti-stress program, etc. to enjoy your trip in the best conditions. We personally know the places we recommend for their infrastructure, quality services and the professionalism and kindness of the staff.

Our nutrition and training tools use algorithms and/or scientific quantification measures, to be able to make a program based on measurements. We can even offer you online coaching follow-up, video calls, WhatsApp or email.

Aesthetic Evasion Program

It is designed for them, who want to take advantage of a relaxation stay before, during or after cosmetic surgery or simply benefit from an adapted program to sublimate their beauty for her and unleash their full potential for him.

They will enjoy a relaxing environment with health, wellness and aesthetic treatment advice to enhance an aesthetic medicine treatment, a cosmetic surgery or a beauty treatment. In the case of an aesthetic intervention, recovery can be done far from your usual environment, in an idyllic setting to take advantage of the results and thus return to your life naturally.

Club Probodyone

Be part of the BodyOne Club and get the FLI LIFESTYLE TRAVEL card to benefit from exclusive benefits and promotions with our partner networking.

Probodyone by Fabrice Lefèvre Institute



We are experts in all fields of osteopathic medicine: structural, visceral, cranio-sacral and Dry Needling.


Analysis method to solve problems of scoliosis, kyphosis, hyperlordosis, flat feet, jaw problems, vertigo, instability. Unit Posture – Emotion – Environment – Metabolism


Micro-nutrition studies the impact of micronutrients on health, while evaluating deficiencies and looking for ways to optimize individual health. Important part of the Probodyone method.


We use various traditional Chinese medicine therapies such as acupuncture, moxibustion, tuina to balance and increase the energy of our patients by integrating energy concepts and Chinese medicine.


We help companies and employees improve jobs by seeking strategies to improve the quality of work life and optimization.

imagen de coaching mental y fisico en barcelona fabrice lefevre

Mental Coaching

Fabrice Lefèvre institute proposes mental coaching based on scientific measurement and body-mind-environment synergy.

Physical Coaching

It consists of a precise evaluation and a specific program for the athlete at a global level based on their physical-mental state and their objectives.

Medical High Tech

High-tech treatment (LPG and INDIBA) that improves pain, reducing inflammation, adhesions and fibrosis of the fascia.

Have you found the solution to your problem?

We are professionals of the body-mind-environment unity

The most common ailments that we successfully treat are:Back Pain, Low Back Pain, Cervicalgia, Sciatica, Herniated Disc, Stress, Muscle and Joint Disorders, Weight Problems, Chronic Fatigue, Heartburn, Skin sensitivity, Digestive disorders, Immune weakness.

We work with a holistic synergy method

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Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

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