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If you suffer from Overweight, Digestive Disorders, Food Intolerance, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines, Skin Disorders, Chronic Stress or if you are an athlete and want to optimize your metabolism with Sports Micro-nutrition, our method based on the Micro-Macro-Chrono-Nutrition synergy can help you. Consult us now by video call!


The program

A micronutrition program is especially effective in cases of functional digestive disorders (constipation, diarrhea), irritable bowel syndrome, poor absorption, intestinal dysbiosis (leaky intestine), intolerance and food allergies. Also for stress issues, mood disorders, sleep disorders, nervousness, hyperemotionality, anxiety, depression, spasmophilia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and headaches.

Weight, volume and fat loss

Our weight loss program includes exercises with the Huber360 platform, which promotes sustainable weight and body fat reduction. Radiofrequency is added to this, which produces an increase in metabolism that involves greater oxidation of energy substrates, which releases fat from the cell and converts it into energy. Our system is ideal for removing fat and toning muscles simultaneously, shaping the body.

Your silhouette

Nutribodyone is an optimal program to lose volume and eliminate fat in problem areas (waist, hips...) The objective is to define your custom silhouette. One of the consequences of being overweight is the production of cellulite, called adipose cells.

The beginning

Firstly, we focus on the search for visceral dysfunctions with subtle palpations associated with osteopathic clinical tests. This mechanical analysis will be corroborated with Jarricot's dermalgias and Chapman's points to determine if there is a neuro-vegetative relationship or lymphatic congestion of the organ (Neurolymphatic reflex).

Specific action

The therapeutic response consists of rebalancing the dysfunctions found based on a nutritional rebalance and a treatment of the dysfunctional organs at a mechanical level (with osteopathic manipulation), energetic (with INDIBA radiofrequency) and tissue level (with LPG Medical).

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The Probodyone Method

To develop the functional diagnosis method based on the relationship between the different systems:

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Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

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Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

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