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In the heart of Medellín, Colombia, on the iconic Avenida El Poblado and within the prestigious El Poblado district, if you're looking for the best osteopath in Medellín, Fabrice Lefèvre could be the one. An expert in osteopathy, Fabrice Lefèvre is a reference in the field of osteopathy, as well as in posturology and micronutrition in Medellín, offering a holistic and personalized approach to the well-being of his patients. Enjoying a well-deserved reputation not only in Medellín but also internationally, as one of the best osteopaths in Medellín and the most prominent posturologists in Medellín, Dr. Fabrice offers comprehensive solutions for patients ranging from very young to the elderly and from sedentary individuals to elite athletes, with successful treatment programs for sports injuries, micro-traumatology, epicondylitis, golfer's elbow, rotator cuff injury, costal pain and intercostal neuralgia, acute lower back pain, lumbago, cervicalgia, ankle sprains and cruciate ligaments, piriformis syndrome, sciatica, and cruralgia. Fabrice offers his services in several languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, and Italian, an extraordinary quality that enriches him professionally. Thus, the multilingual approach ensures that all patients are understood and cared for according to their needs, regardless of their origin. "What interests us is to understand their problems and provide concrete, efficient, and quick solutions," says the osteopath. Fabrice Lefèvre offers an emergency osteopathic service to treat issues such as lumbago, torticollis, and sciatica in Medellín where availability is crucial. Mobility is an essential part of his VIP service, moving if necessary with a specific osteopathy table to ensure efficient manipulations whether at home or during sports events and concerts: "I am often called from hotels close to my clinic, such as the Dann Carlton Medellín, the Hotel San Fernando Plaza, the Hotel Park 10, and the Marriott Medellín, among others. The use of cutting-edge technology, such as Indiba radiofrequency therapy, complements his approach and allows him to offer advanced treatments both in his clinic and in VIP home services, thus ensuring maximum comfort and efficiency for patients.

Fabrice Lefèvre Institute

Many years of trust from prestigious hotels in El Poblado, such as the Marriott Medellín, the Hotel Park 10, the Dann Carlton Medellín, and the Hotel San Fernando Plaza, underscore his commitment to excellence and quality service. To be the best osteopath in Medellín, one would have to be recognized not only for technical qualities but also for a human approach. Every patient is received with deep commitments to their recovery and overall well-being. This philosophy of comprehensive health care perfectly represents the key idea of the osteopath Fabrice Lefèvre's philosophy: a place in Medellín where health and harmony meet, offering the best to those seeking balance and to improve their quality of life. If you are in Medellín and looking for the best osteopath, posturologist, or an expert in micronutrition, do not hesitate to visit Fabrice Lefèvre's clinic. Here you will find not only advanced and personalized solutions for your health but also a welcoming and professional environment that will make you feel good. The excellence of the treatments offered by the Fabrice Lefèvre Institute in chronic pain and conditions such as cervical and lumbar disc herniation, lumbago, cervicalgia, migraines, sports injuries, back pain, muscle pain, postural pain, tendinitis, vertigo, bruxism, stress, digestive disorders, slimming, and sports nutrition has made the Probodyone Clinic by Fabrice Lefèvre a leading clinic in the health sector in Medellín. In conclusion, each consultation with Fabrice Lefèvre is a reflection of his infinite devotion to the highest excellence and commitment to the well-being of each patient, ensuring that every individual receives the best quality of treatment.

Probodyone by Fabrice Lefèvre Institute



We are experts in all fields of osteopathic medicine: structural, visceral, cranio-sacral and Dry Needling.


Analysis method to solve problems of scoliosis, kyphosis, hyperlordosis, flat feet, jaw problems, vertigo, instability. Unit Posture – Emotion – Environment – Metabolism


Micro-nutrition studies the impact of micronutrients on health, while evaluating deficiencies and looking for ways to optimize individual health. Important part of the Probodyone method.


We use various traditional Chinese medicine therapies such as acupuncture, moxibustion, tuina to balance and increase the energy of our patients by integrating energy concepts and Chinese medicine.


We help companies and employees improve jobs by seeking strategies to improve the quality of work life and optimization.

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Mental Coaching

Fabrice Lefèvre institute proposes mental coaching based on scientific measurement and body-mind-environment synergy.

Physical Coaching

It consists of a precise evaluation and a specific program for the athlete at a global level based on their physical-mental state and their objectives.

Medical High Tech

High-tech treatment (LPG and INDIBA) that improves pain, reducing inflammation, adhesions and fibrosis of the fascia.

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The Holistic method: Probodyone

Initial information and doubts

1. Our team contacts you to find out your interests and current situation by telephone.
2. Complete method that includes: osteopathy + metabolic evaluation + posturology + physical coaching with exercise software + mental coaching.
3. We apply scientific tools to face any circumstance effectively.


You will fill out a scientifically supported questionnaire to find out your metabolic profile.


1. Evaluation of the problem with the study of osteopathic biomechanics, neuro-sensory posture and energy assessment of traditional Chinese medicine.
2. Osteopathic and postural treatment with the synergy of acupuncture.
3. Micro-nutritional plan and supplementation.
4. Physical coaching program with the training gym program.
5. Mental coaching for body-mind balance.

Specific tracking

Continuous personalized short, medium and long-term monitoring.

Have you found the solution to your problem?

We are professionals of the body-mind-environment unity

The most common ailments that we successfully treat are:Back Pain, Low Back Pain, Cervicalgia, Sciatica, Herniated Disc, Stress, Muscle and Joint Disorders, Weight Problems, Chronic Fatigue, Heartburn, Skin sensitivity, Digestive disorders, Immune weakness.

We work with a holistic synergy method

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Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

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