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Postural Stabilometry

Stabilometry is the study of balance that allows us to analyze postural control and its relationship with stability.

Static and dynamic

We analyze the patient with several static tests (Romberg, eyes open, eyes closed) and in dynamics, asking specific movements to analyze postural behavior in movement (Fukuda, etc.)

At work

We analyze the person in their work situation in order to evaluate poor posture and repetitive movements of the musculoskeletal system that can cause loss of performance and increased sick leave.


We analyze posture during physical and sports activities or playing a musical instrument, in order to observe posture and imbalances with the aim of preventing injuries and optimizing movement (reducing the energy cost of motor performance), as well as in treatment. during the development of technopathies.

Neurophysical Training

It is essential to integrate this new skill into the patient's world. For that, we have our method, where we begin to guarantee long-term change. The core of the program is to respond thanks to experience and neurofeedback, challenging the areas of the brain that do not function correctly.


Posturology is an interesting specialty of the analysis of the postural tonic system that allows us to have a common multidisciplinary reference.

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The Probodyone Method

To develop the functional diagnosis method based on the relationship between the different systems:

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Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

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