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Cellu M6 Integral The most advanced LPG Endermologie for facial and body treatments: Cellu M6 Integral, with very diverse applications in health and aesthetics, according to individual needs: rejuvenation, figure recovery after pregnancy, scar treatment, etc. It is a fact that LPG technology is known in the world of Aesthetics and its effects have been the most widespread among men and women concerned about the general appearance of their skin. But LPG technology, with its motorized rollers to manipulate the tissue, more than successfully treating cellulite, firmness, and weight loss problems, it also serves the medical treatment of connective tissue. Likewise, Fabrice Lefèvre has developed a fascia manipulation protocol to treat moving muscle and fascial tissue using LPG technology. From the first sessions, the results become visible constantly and gradually, releasing tension, increasing microcirculation and drainage of toxins accumulated in the fascia. Its beneficial action is also evident in cases of fluid retention, fibrosis, rigidity or stasis, for example. Regarding the needs of the athlete, it provides benefits in post-exercise recovery. Finally, its applications for general well-being include oxygenation, relaxation and improving flexibility. The final objective of LPG treatment with a medical focus on the fascia is muscle relaxation, recovery of tissue elasticity, and a decrease in pain. With an aesthetic approach, the results are a better defined silhouette and fine, smoothed skin, along with a general improvement of the body, activated over the weeks.

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The Holistic method: Probodyone

Initial information and doubts

1. Our team contacts you to find out your interests and current situation by telephone.
2. Complete method that includes: osteopathy + metabolic evaluation + posturology + physical coaching with exercise software + mental coaching.
3. We apply scientific tools to face any circumstance effectively.


You will fill out a scientifically supported questionnaire to find out your metabolic profile.


1. Evaluation of the problem with the study of osteopathic biomechanics, neuro-sensory posture and energy assessment of traditional Chinese medicine.
2. Osteopathic and postural treatment with the synergy of acupuncture.
3. Micro-nutritional plan and supplementation.
4. Physical coaching program with the training gym program.
5. Mental coaching for body-mind balance.

Specific tracking

Continuous personalized short, medium and long-term monitoring.

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Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

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