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Ergonomics at work

In our ergonomics program we propose specialized training for companies that seek the well-being of their human teams, sensitive to prevention and performance optimization. We focus on employee well-being through holistic small group training.

Our mission

More than back pain, MSDs, stress... our goal is to improve the well-being of collaborators and employees, allowing them to become protagonists of their health. To help them, we teach them a self-manipulation method that we have developed: "self osteo coaching" associated with simple training and nutrition practices, micro-nutrition and physical and mental coaching. We propose a short, medium and, above all, long-term well-being plan, with training seminars spaced in time, to allow the comprehensive acquisition of teaching.

Ergonomics | Probodyone Method

The first step consists of an audit to evaluate the needs of your company, in coordination with managers and human resources directors. These professionals in the sector have made the observation that the consequences of many problems caused by employee discomfort at work are manifested in:
  1. Absenteeism (72%).
  2. Problems with peers (59%).
  3. Increase in conflicts with superiors (50%).
They consider that tension at work is due to:
  1. Incorrect stress management (70%).
  2. The organization of work procedures (52%).
  3. Musculoskeletal disorders (40%).
It seems that the main obstacle to preventing employee discomfort is found in:
  1. The difficulty of making a diagnosis of the situation.
  2. The lack of expertise or a specific service within the company.
  3. Insufficient knowledge regarding alternative or complementary solutions for prevention, as well as the difficulty of choosing between the courses offered.
On the other hand, few companies have the relevant information and analysis on the well-being of their employees. In 85% of cases, they work with data offered by medical services linked to their work sector. This very pertinent information about the employee’s pathology and illness in relation to his work does not give any indication or evaluation of the degree of his well-being or discomfort. However, the vast majority of workers (83%) are willing to make sacrifices for their company, as long as their bosses show them some consideration by taking care of their well-being. If they feel better and more considered, collaborators and employees are more productive, so this line of action has a positive impact on everyone.

What questions should we ask ourselves?

The most important questions we must ask ourselves are the following:
  • By improving their well-being at work, will our collaborators and employees be more productive?
  • What are the concrete actions carried out last year, this year or planned next year to improve the well-being of my employees?
  •  Wouldn’t our company be more attractive and give a better image by establishing sustainable and concrete actions for the well-being of our employees?

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The Probodyone Method

To develop the functional diagnosis method based on the relationship between the different systems:

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