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Physical coaching

The physical coaching that we develop consists of a precise evaluation of the athlete at a global level, based on their condition, their sporting and extra-sporting objectives. The sessions are based on listening and establishing a dialogue with the athlete; We insist on feedback with the athlete before giving precise instructions and corrections with maximum safety at the time of performing the exercises. The intervention schemes are variable and adaptive depending on the sport, the athlete, the objectives, the level, the age, etc.


In the reeducation phase and in the healing phase. During the rehabilitation / re-athleticization transition. In the global and specific re-athleticization phase. In the global and specific physical preparation phase. In the search phase for optimization of gesture and physical qualities. In the prevention of musculoskeletal system injuries


We teach self-treatment with the hands to bring our energy and consciousness to the area we adjust, also restoring its functionality, enhancing its energy and relieving ailments. The benefits of selfbodyone self-treatment are perceived on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Life Coaching

We develop Life coaching programs according to our Probodyone synergy method focused on sustainable health, professional and sports performance and personal development with coaching tools.

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The Probodyone Method

To develop the functional diagnosis method based on the relationship between the different systems:

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Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

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