Probodyone Program for the Health, Well-being and Performance of Artists, Singers and Dancers.

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Practicing a musical instrument or developing the art of singing can be very rewarding activities, but we must not lose sight of the physical suffering they cause; According to some estimates, three out of four orchestral musicians suffer various pathologies in relation to their musical instrument during their professional career. A study of 56 international orchestras revealed that 50% of musicians experience pain while performing and 83% felt that their education had not prepared them for the physical and psychological stress of the performing arts.


Our expertise is based on: Extensive knowledge of the specific pathology and micro-traumatology of musicians, singers and dancers. A detailed knowledge of the pathophysiology of musical gesture, voice and movement. An analysis of posture and specific ergonomics for each musical and instrumental specialty. Objectives of our intervention Give opportunities for virtuosity to the artist in a balanced and pain-free body. Restore balanced posture and physiology to develop optimal technique. Realization of their scenic and artistic expression thanks to an optimal body/mental/gestural axus.


The voice is produced through movement. In the daily development of our social life, the voice transmits unconscious coded messages. Voice adjustment is subject to physical qualities such as tone, timbre, intensity, etc. These physical qualities involve variations in breathing: that is, how air is inhaled and exhaled. The body, posture, muscular synergies and the resonance of sounds are necessary for the voice to be able to fully express itself. The body is a plastic organ that can be modeled to develop its functionality: the chest, respiratory muscles, the dimensions of the resonators, etc., are elements that can be adjusted and balanced with very specific osteopathic manipulations. The mind is a fundamental pillar for the singer. In fact, stress can reduce technical abilities or, if well controlled, give the voice its optimal potential. This means that singing requires technical skills that must be supported by a perfect physical and emotional balance. Any spinal blockage will be linked to an alteration in the mind and voice. In more general terms, posture, the balance of the spinal curves, the pelvis and the legs, the anchoring of the feet on the floor and the free circulation of the upper airway associated with the relaxation of the jaw and tongue, are structural elements that allow the head and neck to facilitate the transmission of a perfect sound. Furthermore, the movement of the diaphragm will be optimal only if the six ribs and the costovertebral joints are free in their three-dimensional movement. The posterior insertion of the diaphragm and its thoracolumbar and visceral relationships participate in the balance of the spine and good pelvic mobility. In summary, more than 110 muscles are directly involved in singing. Emotion can alter the voice or, on the contrary, when the singer masters it properly, give it life and good vibrations. Adjusting overall muscle tone will allow you to project your voice more perfectly. The overall muscular action is coordinated with the muscles of the pharynx and larynx; Consequently, it is essential to balance the body and posture as a whole through general osteopathic treatment. Being in harmony with your body and mind means that the body is freed from tensions, aches and pains that alter the limbic structures of the brain and the autonomic nervous system. Indeed, vocal performance is directly related to the balance of the ortho- and parasympathetic autonomic nervous system. The Probodyone Artist Program seeks to optimize the body-mind axis with a holistic and synergistic work methodology, which allows the singer to express his full artistic potential in vocal production.


Many musicians face health problems related to instrumental performance and this, in the worst case, forces them to interrupt their musical activity. Although most are not serious, these temporary difficulties are poorly accepted by the musician in his search for perfection. Pianists, violinists and cellists usually have regular pain that becomes more present with age or with many hours of playing per day. Likewise, frequent travel is an additional fatigue. The physiological and psychological problems associated with these artistic practices are likely to produce functional disorders. Artistic performance requires an optimal level of physical and psychological abilities. Stage fright and stress in general are normal emotions that, when well channeled, provide greater potential if the body and mind are structurally and functionally in an optimal state. Learning an instrument professionally requires many repetitions, with generally asymmetrical and unbalanced postures. At the Gothenburg Conservatory, 89% of music students said they had experienced, in the previous twelve months, a painful phenomenon linked to artistic activity that, in addition to being an obstacle to stage production, is detrimental to their health. The most common disorders are stress, physical overload and focal dystonia. Musculoskeletal and other tendon disorders are related to repetitive strain, poor posture, and increase with intensity and time of play.


  • Fibromyalgia: muscle pain in the elbows in various regions, knees, back, etc., sometimes associated with chronic fatigue syndrome, colon irritable…
  • Musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Tendinopathy and tendinitis.
  • Nerve compression syndrome.
  • Gastroesophageal reflux and laryngitis.
  • Shoulder dystonia.
  • Compression of the radial nerve.
  • Hyperacusis.
  •  Neck trauma: due to blows with the head, with neurological risk. Head banging is a style of music that comes from heavy metal and hard rock dance. It is organized around different movements of the head and neck to rhythmic music. They are relatively fast and violent movements with large amplitudes.
  • The musician’s focal dystonia: focal dystonia is a condition that presents itself in the form of motor disorders, mainly causing painful involuntary contractions of muscle groups determined. Musicians are especially affected by the hand and mouth muscles related to wind instruments.


  • Musculoskeletal disorders: these are the most common disorders of male and female dancers, regardless of the style of ballet they practice, be it classical or modern.
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease: anterior knee pain in adolescents while growing.
  • Tibio-talar impingement syndrome: is a disorder characterized by micro-traumatic pain in the neck of the foot.
  • Sever’s disease: in the young dancer (heel).
  • Joint hypermobility.
  • Osteoarthritis of the hip.
  • Femoroacetabular impingement.
  • Acetabular labral tear.

The Probodyone Program for Artists allows physical, mental and energetic development through synergistic action, to meet the specific needs of musicians, singers and dancers.

Our expertise is based on:

  1. A broad knowledge of the specific pathology and micro-traumatology of musicians, singers and dancers.
  2. A detailed knowledge of the pathophysiology of musical gesture, voice and movement.
  3. An analysis of posture and specific ergonomics for each musical and instrumental specialty.

Objectives of our intervention

  1. Give opportunities for virtuosity to the artist in a balanced and pain-free body.
  2. Restore balanced posture and physiology to develop optimal technique.
  3. Realization of one’s scenic and artistic expression thanks to optimal body/mental/gestural axes.

Probodyone by Fabrice Lefèvre Institute



We are experts in all fields of osteopathic medicine: structural, visceral, cranio-sacral and Dry Needling.


Analysis method to solve problems of scoliosis, kyphosis, hyperlordosis, flat feet, jaw problems, vertigo, instability. Unit Posture – Emotion – Environment – Metabolism


Micro-nutrition studies the impact of micronutrients on health, while evaluating deficiencies and looking for ways to optimize individual health. Important part of the Probodyone method.


We use various traditional Chinese medicine therapies such as acupuncture, moxibustion, tuina to balance and increase the energy of our patients by integrating energy concepts and Chinese medicine.


We help companies and employees improve jobs by seeking strategies to improve the quality of work life and optimization.

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Mental Coaching

Fabrice Lefèvre institute proposes mental coaching based on scientific measurement and body-mind-environment synergy.

Physical Coaching

It consists of a precise evaluation and a specific program for the athlete at a global level based on their physical-mental state and their objectives.

Medical High Tech

High-tech treatment (LPG and INDIBA) that improves pain, reducing inflammation, adhesions and fibrosis of the fascia.

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The Holistic method: Probodyone

Initial information and doubts

1. Our team contacts you to find out your interests and current situation by telephone.
2. Complete method that includes: osteopathy + metabolic evaluation + posturology + physical coaching with exercise software + mental coaching.
3. We apply scientific tools to face any circumstance effectively.


You will fill out a scientifically supported questionnaire to find out your metabolic profile.


1. Evaluation of the problem with the study of osteopathic biomechanics, neuro-sensory posture and energy assessment of traditional Chinese medicine.
2. Osteopathic and postural treatment with the synergy of acupuncture.
3. Micro-nutritional plan and supplementation.
4. Physical coaching program with the training gym program.
5. Mental coaching for body-mind balance.

Specific tracking

Continuous personalized short, medium and long-term monitoring.

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We are professionals of the body-mind-environment unity

The most common ailments that we successfully treat are:Back Pain, Low Back Pain, Cervicalgia, Sciatica, Herniated Disc, Stress, Muscle and Joint Disorders, Weight Problems, Chronic Fatigue, Heartburn, Skin sensitivity, Digestive disorders, Immune weakness.

We work with a holistic synergy method

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