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The World Health Organization, whose function is "to act as the directing and coordinating authority in matters of international health", declares in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations that: "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being , and not just the absence of illnesses or diseases.

Likewise, as explained by Fabrice Lefèvre, the objective of a health or sports professional, an educator, a therapist, etc., should first of all be to enhance the state of people's health, and not just combat the disease when it appears. In ancient China, a doctor was paid to keep his patients in a state of health that today we would call "sustainable health." Proof of a new interest for traditional and ancestral medicines, which have been tested.

Fabrice Lefèvre argues: «Today, patients are looking for alternatives or other solutions to classical medicine. It is true that if we can link evidence-based medicine and natural and traditional integrative medicine, we can achieve fabulous successes in terms of treatment, prevention and optimization, and at the same time enjoy quality interdisciplinary collaboration between professionals and their personal growth.

The objective of Fabrice Lefèvre has been to develop franchises at a local and international level with networking that links those professionals who have a common interest in the concept of the body-mind-environment unity. and who want to be part of a group of proactive professionals who develop potential synergies as an added factor to their activity. These professional franchise partners are experts in their fields, have a comprehensive understanding and performance objective in their professional practice. To be part of the Probodyone franchisee network, the professional must respond to these philosophical criteria and continue training in the understanding and treatment of the body-mind-environment unit.

As part of this group of franchise partners, Fabrice Lefèvre will give the professional the opportunity to intervene as a trainer or lecturer in the group, as an expert in their specialty, together with another professional. global expert.


Our method consists of the synergy between the different areas of evaluation, holistic treatments and Coaching. Acquiring this method is a fundamental part prior to opening your own franchise.


Don't worry about anything, we will give you access and train you in all the tools you will need to successfully develop your franchise: software, training, methodology, equipment, legal, etc.


We know that beginnings are always difficult, so our team will be available at all times to help you and solve any problem.

It's your time, open your own business with SUCCESS. Probodyone by Fabrice Lefèvre Institute

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The Holistic method: Probodyone

Initial information and doubts

1. Our team contacts you to find out your interests and current situation by telephone.
2. Complete method that includes: osteopathy + metabolic evaluation + posturology + physical coaching with exercise software + mental coaching.
3. We apply scientific tools to face any circumstance effectively.


You will fill out a scientifically supported questionnaire to find out your metabolic profile.


1. Evaluation of the problem with the study of osteopathic biomechanics, neuro-sensory posture and energy assessment of traditional Chinese medicine.
2. Osteopathic and postural treatment with the synergy of acupuncture.
3. Micro-nutritional plan and supplementation.
4. Physical coaching program with the training gym program.
5. Mental coaching for body-mind balance.

Specific tracking

Continuous personalized short, medium and long-term monitoring.

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Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

Instituto Fabrice Lefèvre

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