Osteopathy, nutrition, posturology and coaching for the whole family
Probodyone uses synergies of its health and performance coaching tools to events life steps as adequately as possible


Probodyone proposes programs of prevention and accompaniment so that children grow up in a balanced and harmonious way. We act at the same time on the growth cartilage, the postural deviations, the dental balance and we favor a state of perfect health.


Probodyone improves the state of health and the postural future of adolescents by proposing programs for post-transient deviations: kyphosis, scoliosis, lordosis, etc. We also propose programs for hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders.

Stress and Bournout

We are all subjected to levels of stress caused by various events: work stress, family and couple relationships, etc., which can lead to a state of burnout, with important consequences on health. Our method helps you to be stronger in these situations.

Weight Management

Achieving and maintaining an ideal weight is one of the most important concerns regarding the health and aesthetics of every person. The factors that intervene in the processes to maintain balance include elements such as genetics, the level of daily activity and the way of feeding, among others.

From 40 years old

Premenopause, post-menopausal morpho-trophic-static syndrome of the woman and the andropause of the man cause changes at the physical, metabolic and mental level that must be managed between 40 and 50 years. Probodyone proposes programs to help women and men to pass this stage in the most appropriate way.


The perception of age influences longevity and physiological components: blood pressure, cholesterol, body mass index. Losing independence is the most common fear of the older person. We know that staying active on a physical and cognitive level can reduce disability.