Business managers and CEO

Managers and executives like professional athletes, need the most potencials of their mental, physical and emotional hablities… At the same time they have to be effective in their own work and manage complex situations, sometimes conflicts, which can get to the exhausting feelingd, known as Burnout.


These physical, mental and energetic aspects are completely in the focus of the Probodyone Method. Probodyone Program for executives looks for release imbalances or enhance qualities with tool derived from osteopathic medicine, nutrtion, coaching to optimize and adjust the body, stimulate cognitive and physiological abilities to achieve perfect fisical and mental balance.


 Our analysis and advice at ergonomic level allows   to optimize the workplace and improve interactions between the manager and ecosystems that influence their health (environmental system, electromagnetic, bedroom, interaction between individuals, etc.)

We propose trips or stays in structures adapted to put in practice programs with a physical, mental, nutritional coaching, and enjoying vacations in a quality place.