LPG endermologie® is a non-invasive treatment that acts on the connective tissue and is applied to both the face and body

Cellu M6 Integral
Face and Body
Natural treatments

Lipomasaje has been defined as “a mechanized tissue kneading procedure that releases resistant fats, destroys cellulite nodules, reaffirms skin and reshapes shapes.” It is famous for the anti-aging effects that it is able to achieve, and for its support in processes of thinning and reduction of cellulite. Its respectful action on the skin makes it the ideal choice between the two extremes that involve cosmetic surgery and the superficial impact of cosmetics, as it manages to stimulate deep layers of the dermis and hypodermis. The absence of side effects and their painless nature have only increased their followers among hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

Aesthetic medicine

It is a fact that its applications in the world of Aesthetics have been the most widespread among men and women concerned about the overall appearance of their skin. Cellu M6 technology, with its motorized rollers to manipulate the tissue, successfully treats problems of cellulite, firmness, thinning …

From the first sessions, the results are visible in a constant and gradual way: the skin is smoothed, it is firmer and the most resistant fats disappear in the most difficult areas such as buttocks, thighs … Its beneficial action is also evident in cases of fluid retention.


In the field of health, it can offer excellent results in cases of fibrosis, stiffness or stasis, for example. As for the needs of the athlete, it brings benefits in warming, action and recovery. Finally, its applications for general well-being include oxygenation, relaxation and improved flexibility.

During the procedure, the body is covered with a mesh called Endermowear®, which guarantees personal hygiene and enhances the effects by facilitating the slippage of the machine.

From the first sessions, the results are becoming visible in a constant and gradual way

The final objective of the treatment is a muscular relaxation, a recovery of the elasticity of the tissues, a decrease of the pain, a better defined silhouette and a thin and smoothed skin, together with a general improvement of the organism, activated over the weeks .

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