Gentle manual therapy forthe body mind relationship

The osteopath Fabrice LEFEVRE believed this technique of gentle manual therapy of the whole body considering it as an indivisible body-mind unit. The treatment is carried out on a stretcher and lasts 45 minutes. The objective is the search, first, of the vertebral, cranio-sacral, organic equilibrium and, at the end, of the peripheral articulations with a series of specific movements for each of the found structures, treating them with a well-defined rhythm to balance the system nervous.

Currently, Fabrice LEFEVRE teaches these techniques to osteopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors of various nationalities who wish to be certified in this very effective manipulative therapy.

Two levels are taught for the professional according to his background:

  • Progressive Bodyone equilibrium: for the professional who does not know or who can not use it for academic reasons or for his own desire; the thrust where only manipulations without thrust will be used.
  • Advanced bodyone equilibrium: where the thrust is used as manipulation together with the other types of adjustments during the global treatment.