Method between aquatic osteopathy and watsu created by the French osteopath Fabrice Lefèvre

Discover the benefit of the method of body adjustment and mental relaxation in water


Our Aquabodyone water treatment consists of the union of the Watsu technique (Water = water + Shiatsu) and aquatic osteopathy. Aquabodyone is performed in pools at a temperature between 34 and 37 degrees to allow deep and instant relaxation of the person, causing sensations that involve all your senses and taking advantage of that state of weightlessness that allows this technique of manipulation of the whole body, starting by the head with very subtle movement, be one of the most relaxing that exists. It allows correcting dysfunctions that would be impossible or very complicated to treat on a stretcher (treatment of the hard mother after a whiplash, for example, etc.)

Acuabodyone brings a great benefit in thermal pools to take advantage of the benefits of water in the muscular system … It can also be practiced in a Spa or in hotels or resorts that have appropriate facilities. Sometimes, when the sea allows it, this treatment can be done at sea. The goal is to free the body-mind from subtle tensions that appear and disappear often while the procedure is being done, from the head to the feet …

Aquabodyone is a spectacular treatment to relieve different ailments of the body and relax the mind in case of stress, anxiety or depression. We always try to work at a water temperature similar to that of the human body, so that it offers a deep relaxation pampering the state of fœtus.

The osteopath Fabrice LEFEVRE developed this technique making the techniques of watsu and aquatic osteopathy evolve to a sensory treatment mode such as watsu, but with a corrective impact on the skeleton, the organs or the cranio-sacral system that allow the techniques of osteopathy … He is currently training professionals from different institutes of spa, hotels and resort who are interested in developing this type of treatment in their facilities for the great satisfaction of their clients and professionals trained in a spectacular technique and effortless to the therapist…

To maintain the buoyancy we use a series of floats that allow the person to relax in any stillness; You do not need to know how to swim to be submerged in the water. The person feels in total security because of the floats that he carries on his wrists, feet and trunk.

The treatment is also very suitable to decompress the vertebrae, restore a good motility of the intestine in case of constipation and restore mobility in case of osteoarthritis. Also at the same time blood and lymphatic circulation is improved.

Aquabodyone is recommended in both young and old, both for any age. It is also used with hyperactive children or pregnant women. At the end of the treatment, the subject feels a deep release of the body and mind, allowing very positive emotions to appear.