Micro-nutrition Institute Fabrice Lefèvre Barcelona

Overweight, digestive disorders, food intolerance, sports nutrition …

Si sufres de Sobrepeso, Trastornos Digestivos, Intolerancia alimenticia, Fatiga crónica,  Migrañas, Trastornos Cutáneos, Estrés crónico o si eres deportista y quieres optimizar tu metabolismo con la Micro-nutrición deportiva, nuestro método basado sobre la sinergia Micro-Macro-Crono-Nutricion te puede ayudar. ¡Consulta nos ya por video llamada!

Micro-nutrition studies the impact of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential fatty acids, etc.) on health, while assessing the deficiencies and seeks to optimize the individual’s health. In addition, it allows understanding the origin of functional disorders and correcting them, even advising certain foods that behave like authentic medicines known by the term “alicamento”.

If necessary, the program is extended with micronutritional supplementation adapted to the needs of each one and depending on the contraindications related to each person (smoker, coagulation, renal insufficiency, liver failure, etc.)

Fabrice Lefèvre has developed a synergy method: Nutribodyone

How can a micronutrition program help me?

A micronutrient program is especially effective in cases of functional digestive disorders (constipation, diarrhea) irritable bowel syndrome, malabsorption, intestinal dysbiosis (leaky gut), intolerance and food allergies. Also fo stress issues, mood disorders, sleep disorders, nervousness, hyper emotionality, anxiety, depression, spasmophilia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and headaches. Other areas to consider are:

  • Degenerative diseases: osteoporosis, premature and accelerated aging.
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases, infarction, vascular problems, cerebral, arthritis.
  • Disorders related to pollution: Tobacco, alcohol, dental amalgams, heavy metals, etc.
  • Obesity, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders, demineralization, osteoarthritis, chronic tendinopathy, rheumatic joint pain.
  • Certain lifetimes such as pregnancy, lactation, pre and post menopause adolescence.
  • Female disorders of the menstrual cycle.
  • Chronic infections and weakening of the immune system.
  • ENT disorders, allergies, food intolerances.
  • Circulatory functional disorders, heavy legs, edema.
  • Skin problems, hair loss, inflammation of the gums.
  • Wellness and Wellbenig: food for the service of well-being and sustainable health.
  • Aesthetics and anti-aging: wrinkles, cellulite.
  • Sports nutrition: dietary strategies to optimize sports performance, tolerance to training and recovery.


Loss of weight, volume and fat

Our weight loss program includes exercises with the Huber360 platform, which promotes a sustainable reduction of weight and body fat. To this is added the radiofrequency, which produces an increase of the metabolism that implies a greater oxidation of the energetic substrates, what frees the fat of the cell and turns it into energy. Our system is ideal for delocalizing fat and toning muscles simultaneously, modeling the body.
Nutribodyone is an excellent program to lose weight and eliminate fats in problem areas (waist, hip …) The goal is to define your silhouette to measure. One of the consequences of being overweight is the production of cellulite, called adipose cells. The fat cells accumulate between the skin and the connective tissues forming lumps in the buttocks, abdomen and thighs, an effect known as “orange skin”. The Nutribodyone program synergistically treats the problems of cellulite with cellular nutrition, LPG Medical and the radio frequency INDIBA, improving lymphatic circulation and tissue quality, giving them flexibility and tonicity. The result is the removal of cellulite and localized fat.
In our consultation in Barcelona we designed for you your weight loss program Nutribodyone.

Our evaluation tools

  1. Anthropometric measures and Bioimpedenciametría: weight, circumferences, muscle mass, fat mass, hydration, basal metabolism, etc.
  2. Macro-nutritional analysis of dietary habits with DietXpro software (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins)
  3. Micro-nutritional analysis and metabolic terrains. IOMET Questionnaire (Ionic Mineral Enzymo Therapy)
  4. Chrono-nutritional analysis: chrono-biological evaluation of energy substrates ingested daily
  5. Evaluation of food allergies (iGg): Type III allergy test with Imu Pro Plus blood test
  6. Evaluation of the balance of the intestinal flora in the feces: Test KyberKompaktPro.

Our methodology


We make our micronutrition programs based on three axes:


Equilibrium – Optimization – Prevention

It seeks the balance of metabolic terrains in order to maintain a healthy state, stay in shape and optimize aesthetics. Cellular nutrition allows a balance of weight associated with a quality physical and mental performance.


We intervene during the onset of functional disorders that disrupt cellular metabolism and may later engender pathologies.


When a pathology is diagnosed, micronutrition helps the patient to complement the medical-surgical treatments, thanks to natural supplements and without side effects.

The cellular and metabolic functioning of the organs depends on a contribution of diversified micronutrients and quality. Visceral anatomical structure as well as direct and indirect relationships with body tissues play an important role in cellular functioning.

How does our method apply?

First, we focused on the search for visceral dysfunctions with subtle palpations associated with osteopathic clinical trials. This mechanical analysis will be corroborated with Jarricot’s dermalgias and Chapman’s points to determine if there is a neuro-vegetative relationship or a lymphatic congestion of the organ (neurolinear reflex).

Thus, we have information on organ density, circulatory stasis and the neurovegetative system. This allows us to identify and map the different physiological systems involved in general dysfunction and to identify the primary cause of global dysfunction.

Next, we compare our results with a macro-nutritional evaluation questionnaire (DietXpro) on eating habits and a very precise bionutricional questionnaire that determines the micro-nutritional grounds and the corresponding biological and physiological disorders.

The therapeutic response consists in rebalancing the dysfunctions found based on a nutritional rebalancing, a nutritional supplementation with vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants, phytoaromaterapy and a treatment of the dysfunctional organs at a mechanical level (with osteopathic manipulation), energetic (with the radiofrequency INDIBA ) and tissue (with LPG Medical).