Institute of Physical Coaching of Barcelona, Canet-France and Colombia

The physical coaching that we develop consists of an accurate evaluation of the athlete at a global level, depending on his state, his sports and extra-sport objectives. The sessions are based on listening and establishing a dialogue with the athlete; we insist on feedback with the athlete before giving precise instructions and corrections with maximum safety at the time of the exercises. The intervention schemes are variable and adaptive depending on the sport, the athlete, the goals, the level, the age, etc.

In reference to physical coaching, the method is applied in the different phases:

  1. In the reeducation phase and in the healing phase.
  2. During the transition rehabilitation / reatletization.
  3. In the global and specific reathetization phase.
  4. In the phase of global and specific physical preparation.
  5. In the search phase of optimization of the gesture and the physical qualities.
  6. In the prevention of locomotor injuries.

Our evaluation tools

  1. Cardiac physiology analysis: HKV
  2. Bioimpedimetry
  3. Training software
  4. Analysis of muscle function
  5. Posture analysis

Our treatment technology

  1. Huber 360
  2. Cross Fitbodyone: kettlebells, etc.
  3. Electrofitness
  4. Electrotherapy sport
Huber 360. Probodyone. Barcelona.

Our methodology


Our expertise is based on deep knowledge in osteopathy, exercise physiology, sport physio-kinesitherapy, posturology, micronutrition of sport and bio-energetics:

  • Posturological analysis: understanding the best schemes of postural organization to gain and save energy, better placement of your body, optimal strategies for regulating muscle tone.
  • Sport micro-nutrition and nutritional chronobiology: we analyze energy rations (carbohydrate, lipids, proteins), balance in vitamins, minerals, oligo-elements in order to optimize their use for energy production, scarring, avoiding fatigue, improve recovery, optimize physical performance (explosiveness, endurance …)
  • Fisio-kinesi-sport therapy: in order to ensure the best possible transitions in re-education / re-training / re-training, particularly at the time of the wound healing phases.
  • Physiology of the exercise: to optimize the physical preparation.