The essence

External beauty

Interior harmony

Pro-Aging Anti-Aging

Our vision of aesthetics and beauty has its essence in our paradigms with Probodyone method, which seek inner harmony towards outer beauty. Likewise, when we offer aesthetic services, our reflection consists of asking ourselves if we want to fight against age or accompanying it in the most optimal way for a physical and mental well-being in body image at the same time.

Changing the paradigm means asking oneself if we want to fight against aging (anti-aging) or enhance its qualities, both at the aesthetic level and at the physical and mental level.

The aging process is a normal phenomenon through the ages and has as a consequence a body image that evolves during life. The aging process is defined at the metabolic level as cellular oxidation. Oxidative stress has an impact at the level of the cell, both at the level of the skin, the brain, the joints and all the organs in general.

We know that the way of considering aging influences age. Positive or negative attitudes can affect your behavior regarding your health and well-being. “To be pro-aging” is to feel satisfied with their age and take advantage of it, and allows them to adopt healthy behaviors. Also, feeling control over your age has benefits in the immune system. On the contrary, “to be anti-aging” is to perceive age as something harmful influencing negatively on their health and well-being.
Along with hereditary and environmental factors, the hygiene of life, deficiencies and nutritional excesses influence the metabolic level, generating production of molecules that age the cell. The oxidized soil is characterized by an overproduction of those molecules harmful to the cell called free radicals. Free radicals are involved in almost all the degenerative phenomena of cells and are the main responsible for cellular aging. The regular consumption of chemical toxins (fertilizers, pesticides…), the daily use of excitants (tobacco, alcohol), repeated exposure to ionizing radiation as well as sunlight, are some of the most favorable factors for the appearance and the development of free radicals. The symptoms of an overproduction of free radicals or of an insufficiency in their neutralization are manifested at the level of the skin (accelerated development of wrinkles and dark circles), but this cellular weakness also has internal repercussions, producing overweight, cellulitis, cardiovascular degenerative disorders, rheumatological, cerebral …

The essence of our concept is to act globally and at the same time on the internal environment, with cellular nutrition (nutricosmetics), and the external environment with our cutting-edge technologies and therapeutic cosmetics (cosmeceutical) adapted to the imbalances of the skin.
We use several diagnostic tools to measure metabolic function, define the imbalance of your skin, the different types of cellulite and the origin of overweight. We propose programs adapted according to the results of our evaluations, rebalancing the internal environment with personalized nutrition, cell nutrition and a nutricosmetic recommendation. The synergy of appliances treating the connective tissue in case of cellulite, accumulated fat and wrinkles with LPG, or at cellular level with the radiofrequency of the INDIBA Proionic System Method, the only system that acts at the cell level with a stable emission frequency 448 kHz . These devices of high technology act at the level of the cell (fibroblast) to produce hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, and in the case of INDIBA, balance the ions at the level of the cell membrane, favoring the cell nutrition.