Treatments to fight cellulite

Cellulite is one of the main problems of body aesthetics for modern women. Although it is more noticeable in those who are overweight, it can also occur in thin people. Cellulite is generated in the layer of the skin we call hypodermis, where the cells that accumulate fat (adipocytes) are located. The appearance of cellulite usually occurs when there is an imbalance between the fat that accumulates and that which is spent, so that the accumulated fat starts to push the outer layers of the skin, causing bulges that, due to its appearance, also they call it “orange skin”. Among the most common causes of the appearance of cellulite or “orange skin” stand a sedentary lifestyle, genetic inheritance, circulation problems… Therefore, all treatment in our Barcelona office, is always accompanied by a general evaluation of the person, to balance the different aspects that affect your skin in a particular way.

LPG-Endermologie Cellu M6® Integral

Treatment to drain cellulite

At the end of each treatment we apply high quality cosmoceuticals to enhance the effects of the appliance program carried out.

The body treatment against cellulite offered by the LPG-Endermologie technology of Cellu M6® Integral is able to release localized fats resistant to diets and has several objectives: to smooth cellulite, reshape the silhouette and reaffirm the tissue. The treatment acts on the aqueous cellulitis, eliminates it and performs a lymphatic massage.

We also offer a special treatment for women who are thin skinned orange, but do not need to lose volume. This allows them to smooth and reaffirm the area.

INDIBA® Deep beauty

Treatments to act on cellulite

The INDIBA® Deep Beauty technology allows us to offer effective and visible results from the first sessions

sing the Proionic® System of the INDIBA® Deep Beauty technology, the treatment is oriented towards three objectives:

  • Smoothing and remodeling the cellulite zone.
  • Improve the microcirculation.
  • Increase the elasticity of the skin.

The treatment consists of several phases: energy channeling (phase 1), focused treatment (phase 2) and final equilibrium (phase 3).


The treatment can be complemented with high-quality cosmoceuticals to enhance the effects of the appliance program carried out.