Gluteal program

Specific treatments for glutes.

Among the specific programs that we offer, you can work on the gluteal area, both with the INDIBA Deep Beauty system and following the Endermologie program of Cellu M6 Integral.

LPG-Endermologie Cellu M6® Integral

Endermolgie Buttocks Program

LPG has designed a complete and specific program for this area, aware that the fall of the gluteus is one of the most frequent problems in women. The program is focused on three essential points:

  1. Firming the skin in order to recover the beauty of the curves.
  2. Reposition the buttocks.
  3. Define the shape of the gluteus.

INDIBA® Deep beauty

Specific treatment for glutes

With the INDIBA Deep Beauty technology you can perform a glute treatment that helps achieve the following objectives:

  1. Improve the elasticity and flaccidity of the area.
  2. Increase circulation
  3. Improve muscle and vascular tone.
  4. Reaffirm the tissue.
  5. Reduce localized fat


The treatment can be complemented with high-quality cosmoceuticals to enhance the effects of the appliance program carried out.