Treatments and programs to work the area of the abdomen.

The abdominal area is one of the main victims of poor diet or a low level of living. However, it is also one of the main points for a beautiful silhouette, which is disfigured if there is an excess of fat accumulated in the area or the skin is off-hook. As a complement to a plan of healthy and balanced nutrition and a little sport and physical activity, modern technology can collaborate in a prominent way to improve the appearance of this area.

INDIBA® Deep beauty

Treatments for the abdomen

Treatment with INDIBA Deep Beauty for the abdominal area

The Proionic® System of INDIBA® Deep Beauty technology allows us to perform various actions on the abdomen area: first drain the area and accelerate circulation in it. Then act to reduce accumulated fat and improve skin elasticity. Finally, the process focuses on reaffirming the entire abdomen effectively.

LPG-Endermologie Cellu M6® Integral

Program for the abdominal area

The two main objectives of the program designed with Cellu M6 Integral for the abdominal area are to reduce localized fat in the area and to firm the skin.

Endermologie treatment with Cellu M6 Integral for the abdominal area


At the end of each treatment we apply high quality cosmoceuticals to enhance the effects of the appliance program carried out.